Sullair fluid filters are designed and engineered specifically for use in rotary screw air compressors while most “will-fit” filters found in the marketplace are designed for the automotive industry.

Which filter would you prefer to use in your Sullair compressor?

Micro Glass filter media—Superior media that will not swell or blind off like cellulose media

Seal technology—Seals used are all Viton which is compatible with today’s synthetic fluids

Extreme efficiency—Greater than 98% efficient at 15 micron. Beta ratings are printed right on the filter.

Is it worth the risk?—Spending a few dollars more for a genuine OEM filter costs much less than re-building an expensive compressor unit



The inlet air filter is the most important filter in the compressor. By stopping contaminants at the intake filter, the system is kept cleaner, extending the life of the compressors and all other components in the system.

The “Optimalair® Filter” uses patented Nano Fiber Technology to provide the best filtration in the industry.

Extend the life of system components—Compressor unit, fluid, compressor bearings, separator, and fluid filter.

Price does not equal cost—Optimalair® elements with their surface loading design last 2 – 5 times longer than conventional filters.

Self-cleaning process—Surface loading design allows the dirt to drop off every time the compressor unloads.

Excellent filtration efficiency—Starts out more efficient and reaches 99.99% efficient much quicker than conventional filters.


Sullube® is a Polyglycol based lubricant that has been the mainstay of the Sullair fluid family for over 25 years. Sullube® has performed flawlessly in over 50,000 compressors for more than 150,000,000 hours.

Long life expectancy—Perfect for annual change interval.

Will not form sludge or varnish—Keeps compressor operating clean and efficiently.

Removes existing varnish—Perfect lubricant for removing varnish from compressors running on hydrocarbon fluids.

Cools more efficiently—Excellent at removing heat created by the compression process.

Environmentally considerate—Compressor condensate is biodegradable.

High flash point—One of the highest fluid flash points in the industry.

Very low carryover—With less than 1 PPM carryover, less top off fluid is needed.


Sullair’s 24KT™ was the first long life compressor fluid introduced to the market many years ago. It still carries the longest operating life of any fluid available today.

No recommended change interval—Under normal operating conditions, 24KT™ never needs to be changed.

Silicone base stockDoes not breakdown like other base stocks.

Contaminated environments—Insoluble to acids so contaminants pass through the system.



PristineFG™ is Sullair’s new food grade lubricant designed to significantly outperform other food grade fluids in the market. It currently meets incidental contact approval requirements of NSF H1, Halal, Kosher, Pareve, and is registered in Canada.

Longer fluid change out periods—Formulated to operate up to 6000 hours under normal conditions.

Reduced lubricant consumption—Low volatility means lower carry over for less top off fluid.

Wide range of operating temperatures—Formulated to lubricate well at either high or low temperatures.

Maximize compressor life and maintenance costs—With its superior resistance to varnishing, maintenance and downtime cost are significantly reduced.



SRF1/4000™ is a highly refined, hydro-treated petroleum base fluid designed for the one year or 4000 hours of operation. It is currently the factory fill for all Sullair rotary screw vacuum systems.

Annual change interval—Designed to operate one year or 4000 hours under normal operating conditions, guaranteed.

Highly refined—As the result of the hydro-treated process, SRF™ is very resistant to breakdown and varnish.

Reduced maintenance—Less downtime and labor than standard mineral-based fluids.

High viscosity index—Viscosity stays very stable at low and high temperatures.



With the cost of compressor fluids today, doesn’t it make sense to know the condition of the fluid in your compressor? With Sullair’s comprehensive fluid analysis program, eliminate the guesswork when it comes to your compressor fluid.

  • Better data helps optimize performance
  • Current status of fluid and equipment
  • Part of an integral predictive maintenance plan
  • Detailed sample history for trending
  • Same day turnaround on samples

Tests performed can include:

  • TAN (Total acid number)
  • pH level
  • Viscosity
  • Additives
  • Wear metals
  • Contamination
  • Water test
  • Particle count



With the cost of compressor fluids these days, the goal of any compressor manufacturer is using an air/oil separator that keeps this fluid in the compressor. Sullair’s Optimizer™ separators are all designed with extreme low carryover in mind.

Low carryover—At 1 to 2 PPM, significantly reduces the amount of make-up fluid required, saving on maintenance costs.

Low differential pressure—Low pressure drop means more energy efficiency which saves money.

Pleated Micro Glass mediaProvides more surface area so element lasts longer than conventional wrapped designs.

Peace of mind—Guaranteed to perform for 1 year or 8000 hours under normal conditions.


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